We make your audience think, we always bring them into action, and sometimes we make them laugh. We do this at your conferences, company or team event. Our topic is work simplification for knowledge workers (Contentment & Effectiveness ) and occasionally we bring in insights from Stoicism.

Simplicity is the soul of effectiveness*.

Looking for inspiration, tools and action-oriented advice to achieve more results with your limited resources?

Ask Johan to speak at your event.

Expert in work simplification for knowledge workers.

Invite this international keynote speaker for your conference or team event, and your audience will leave with ideas but above all with concrete actions that will give them more time, energy and attention.

Potential topics to be covered are:

– personal effectiveness
– work simplification for the knowledge worker
– the reasons why time management is a foolish subject….
– changes in behaviour and habits
– the power of small changes
– becoming an exper-i-man….

As a speaker, our goal is to provide the listener with ways of thinking, ideas and the enthusiasm to begin or accelerate their journey towards greater efficiency and personal effectiveness.

During our presentations, we will share best practices for creating or eliminating new or old habits in order to be more successful with less effort.

Johan has written hundreds of articles on personal effectiveness, behavioral change, experiences, and tools. Our publications have helped thousands of readers to achieve more results with less effort.

Our greatest skill as a speaker is to turn complex issues into simple models so that you can quickly put them into practice.

Send an email if you would like to have a keynote or a webinar with Johan.

Johan doesn’t like to be called, but he is happy to talk to you and tailor the keynote to your needs. You can easily pick a moment in Johan’s calendar to discuss the keynote.

PS. Being called and calling yourself is an example of push vs. pull. It is one of the universal principles.



Lately, it seems that fatigue and less focus have increased significantly.

Reasons for this are more working from home, more (online) meetings and a disturbed balance between private and professional life.

So it is time to increase digital well-being.

Digital Wellbeing focuses on three key areas:

  • Digital Awareness,
  • Digital Skills and
  • (Self)Leadership in a Hybrid World

T.E.A.M. Management is the new time management

We have all noticed that time is not the only building block by which we get the most important things done in our lives and work.

In this Keynote, Johan will show you the other three building blocks that every action you take needs. And how you can have a greater impact on how you fill your time.


Knowing how much you weigh does not make you a gram/pound lighter.

What is the point of feedback? And what do we really need to get better?

Change made easier

Why do we keep saying that change is hard?

Ten forces that make personal change easier or more difficult.

Experiments are about permission

The gap between knowledge and implementation is not just motivation.
It is mainly a matter of permission.

How to develop a mindset to give and receive permission, so that change becomes easier. Becoming an Exper-i-man!