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My Struggles


The most painful and valuable growth experience I’ve ever had.
More about this struggle

Genuinely knowing

Gathering knowledge is one of my hobbies. Knowledge is not enough. Applying it to genuinely know and the second is harder than knowing.
More about this struggle.


I prefer to stay within my comfort zone. My experiments bring me to the edge of my stretch zone.
More about this struggle.

Getting better

The paradox between growing and being content. Without progress, I lose my momentum.
More about this struggle.

Generous giving

Shared joy, double joy. But so difficult to give generously without expecting anything in return.
More about this struggle.

About Me

Johan DHaeseleer (IG: @Jodha), built in 1969, is the founder and CEO of ExtraTijd en T.E.A.M Management Company. ExtraTijd is a training and coaching company based on a ‘holistic’ approach to deal better with our limited resources.

  • T ime
  • E nergy
  • A ttention
  • M oney

Johan is one of the hosts of the podcast Memento21 – the Flemish podcast about personal effectiveness.

If you ask Johan what he is most passionate about, it is demonstrating, inspiring you to take more control over what is possible.

Johan lives in Everbeek with Sylvianne and the kids

Ps: it remains weird to write about yourself as Johan

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