Boost Your Digital Well-being

(Self)leadership in a hybrid World

(E)-Keynote Speaker

Digital Well-being

Do you want to boost your digital well-being and that of your employees? Do you notice that your employees and yourself are often tired and distracted?

Do you want digital well-being as a theme at your event?

Lately, it seems that fatigue and less focus have increased significantly.

Reasons for this are more working from home, more (online) meetings and a disturbed balance between private and professional life.

So it is time to increase digital well-being.

Digital Wellbeing focuses on three key areas:

  • Digital Awareness,
  • Digital Skills and
  • (Self)Leadership in a Hybrid World




People where Johan brought inspiration and desire for change

Johan a.k.a. Jodha

Johan DHaeseleer

Johan in three bullet points

  • Irrational by nature
  • Engineer by education
  • Deliberately Exper-i-man

Johan finds leverage.

He was a work simplification expert for many years and then responsible for the department of work simplification at Colruyt. Processes and People are the levers in the approach to work simplification.

Johan now uses the skills of work simplification to make knowledge workers at home and abroad more effective and content through one-to-one coaching, workshops and keynotes.

Johan lives in Flanders with Sylvianne and the kids. He works nationally, internationally and online.