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Hallo, Ik ben JOHAN

Experi mens by design

Menselijk proefkonijn

As Experiman, Johan D’Haeseleer continuously tests & tries new approaches and technologies to increase his productivity & performance. He does this on the level of food, training, habits, mind-influencing and he also measures his progress with advanced tech. 

He has many great stories to share (like the time he nearly fried his brain, placing electrodes in the wrong order ;-).

Experiments give you 



We all have beliefs and blind spots. Experiments make your beliefs visible. 

Growth Mindset

Individuals with a growth mindset believe that what they have been given by nature is a starting point for further development.



When you communicate to your environment that you are going to do an experiment, you will experience less resistance. It’s just an experiment!

Willingness to Change

Doing experiments will increase your willingness to change. Your natural resistance, which you keep in the status quo, becomes smaller.


Einsteins definition of crazy: doing the same thing and expecting a different result.


Doing something else gives you empathy for those who are different from you.

Daily Experiments

Active Domains

Number of years

Cups of Bulletproof Coffee

Make Experiments a  Priority.

It brings you progress.

Increase Energy

Strangle breathing through your mouth give you more energy.  It’s so easy to sleep and increase your energy at the same time.  And yes the first two days it feels a bit strange.

Using technology to become better

We live in a great moment in history, technology gives us so much more insights into how our systems work. 

Give you More Stories

You will never have to search for something to make your cocktail talk memorable.

Turn it upside down. 

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